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Running a business is hard. We make it a whole lot easier, smoother, more accurate, less side effect and more productive. Using the most suitable business software solutions for your rapidly scaling business.

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Open letter to business owner

Updated: June 15, 2024

Dear business owner,

Ok, we get it.

Growing a business is hard. Really hard.

You probably worried about where your next customer will come from.

Stressed like a baby whenever the month end is approaching.

Your customer will always demand cheaper and yet better product from you.

They always have things to complain about.

Your sales team will always lament about the low price of your competitors’ product.

Your operation team will always repeat the same mistake again and again no matter how many times of reminder from the supervisor.

Your best employee will always end up being poached by your biggest rival.

The grass is always greener on the other side, as they always think.

And to top it all off, the Covid 19 pandemic struck.

Great business model suddenly become obsolete.

New measures have to take place, accompanied by additional cost.

Shall you change business strategy ? Do facebook live ? Sell new products ?

And you end up doing a little bit of this …. A little bit of that.

Soon, you are tearing out your hair with all the things you “have to” do.

And we call this shit show, a “rat’s race”.

Or maybe you are flying….. and you simply want more.

More security.

More money.

More freedom.

More memories.

More time with your family.

More legroom.

More business-class flights with your spouse to places that result in more sand between your toes.

Whatever it is for you….

We’ve got good news for you…..

Your customers will not compare price anymore, as you offer more value to them.

Your team will be on fire ! No more nagging from you.

Everything will be dialed in and running smoothly.

You’ll be in control and a sense of calm will wash over you.

And it all starts by making a call to us.


After 23 years in the market, serving more than 10,000 customers (in 2023 alone, we helped 1498 different companies), being top seller in Singapore for the accounting software solutions that we carry, we know what system or feature is important for our customers right now, and what would be important for them in 3 years’ time (we hope we can say 10 years, but the sheer pace of digitalization advancement nowadays make it impossible for us to predict that). We also offer e-Invoicing Singapore solution to businesses.

Customers Served in 2023


We let our numbers do the talking, even during the challenging year of 2023.

Size of Our Customer Base


10,000 customers and counting make up our diverse and ever growing customer base.



23 years and counting make up our experience in finding the most suitable business back end solutions for our customers.

Our Reach


Serving customers in over 17 different countries



There are a lot of accounting software brands and cloud accounting solution in the market. And there’s even more accounting software agencies. Everyone is shouting they are the best.

Our approach is different. Not only we want to make sure that our system is at least as good as theirs, if not better, we are more concern is whether our customer have got more value from our service on top of the accounting software. There’s just too many ways to improve your business such as the use of inventory management software system & more that we are excited to share with you.





Your business can get

much better

You know your business inside out. And all the methods had been tried. Why not spare some time, and listen to what we can offer ? We will make sure that at the end of the day, whether you engage our service or not, you’ll get some value out of our strategy session.

So just hit this button.


We provide business software consultancy, implementation, training & after- sales support for SME for the following solutions :

  • Accounting software
  • ERP solution
  • Invoicing & Inventory software
  • Payroll & POS system
  • Workforce KPI system
  • Social Media Business back end solution and many more

It seems to be many type of software here, but not to worry, we will only recommend what suits your business best at the moment. Making sure your every penny counts !

Unlike other agencies, the Ingenious team isn’t just focused on making sure the software works. Our goal is to make sure your business get better and you live better after our software recommendation. We also assist companies with PSG grant accounting software and more.

Because we put our money where our mouth is and we make BIG guarantees that other agencies don’t. Please check with our team on what guarantees we offer !

Are you serious to grow your business, improve your productivity, increase the life time value of your client to your business, and motivate your workforce ? We can work with you.

It doesn’t matter if you are a big or small company. Our clients range from small, with 5 or less employees to large multinational companies with a workforce of hundreds of people operating from multiple locations.

In 2020 alone, we helped 1824 different companies. Our more than 10,000 active customers from 17 countries, Singapore Top selling agency status for Autocount & Sage UBS software, and multiple business award winning status speak for themselves.

Guess how our clients said