5 things your sales team should know while issuing quotation


Below are the 5 important things that you or your sales team must know when issuing quotation or other transactional document to your customers.

  1. Historical pricing – Able to know when and how much u sold or quoted your customer before is a very crucial info !
  2. Payment status – Is this customer a bad pay master ? Or his credit limit is over ?
  3. Customer special requirement – anything u should take note about this customer before quoting them ? E.g. their preferred transportation method, timing, etc.
  4. Stock availability – still got existing stock to sell ? When is the next incoming quantity ? which location got the stock ?
  5. Profitability – THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL ! How much u got this stock from your supplier ? Any other cost incur since then ? Of course, u can choose to hide this info from your sales team 😊

All the above info are AVAILABLE IN THE SAME PAGE when u are issuing quotation from Autocount Accounting System. No more time wasting to flip through the many files and folder of your office.

That’s what we call efficiency ! And I bet you most of the accounting software in the market cannot do this ! No joke…. 😊

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