A gift from our government, why not accept it ?

Hi Folks,

They say nothing is free in this world. But in Singapore, we might be living in Fantasy land !

There s never been a better time to digitalize your business process than now !

A big bravo to our visionary and transformational government, you can invest in a new accounting software for almost free of charge (government subsidy of up to 98%, if u met the criteria 😊).

Why our Government is giving free software then?

Yes, they want your business to be competitive !

We are living in an open economy a.k.a. winners take all world, whereby only the fittest business can survive, and reap all the rewards.

A good accounting software can help your business WIN.

Highlight abnormal business behaviour of your loyal customers.

Showing change of business trend with the movement of your top selling items.

Selling to the right customer with the right price.

Quote to your customer in a faster way.

Set profit margin kpi for all your deals.

Never miss out on your customer’s special request.

Get advice on your incoming and outgoing stock whenever possible.

And many more….

Find out how Autocount software can use BIG DATA to help your business with all of the above.

At Ingenious, we are IMDA SMEs Go digital pre-approved vendor, and Number 1 Top selling Autocount software reseller in Singapore.

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