There are a lot of accounting software brands in the market. And there s even more accounting software agencies. Everyone is shouting they are the best.

Our approach is different. Not only we want to make sure that our system is at least as good as theirs, if not better, we are more concern is whether our customer have got more value from our service on top of the accounting software. There s just too many ways to improve your business that we are excited to share with you.

Customers Served in 2021


We let our numbers do the talking, even during the challenging year of 2021.

Size of Our Customer Base


10,000 customers and counting make up our diverse and ever growing customer base.



21 years and counting make up our experience in finding the most suitable business back end solutions for our customers.

Our Reach


Serving customers in over 17 different countries

Open letter to business owner

Updated: June 1, 2023

Hi. I’m Chee Yuen. If we’re getting formal, I’m the co-founder of Ingenious.

I m feeling excited, as you’re on this website, reading these pretty little words because you’re looking for some back end solution to solve your business problem.

Not to hear me bragging about the grandmother story of our company.

But if you are interested in that (and I’m flattered, really), please continue to read on.

My partner and I started this company since 2001, with literally no money. Back then, I was still a young skinny 23 year-old engineering fresh grad looking for job in the market.

My uncle was the owner of UBS Accounting Software (back then, before UBS was acquired by Sage software, UBS was the Number 1 selling accounting software in Malaysia).

UBS was actively looking for reseller to market their product in Singapore.

Since I was technically jobless during that time, no harm for me to try out to venture on my own.

So, I became one of the reseller for my uncle. I can still remember my first customer from International Plaza paying me $60 for an onsite service to fix their minor software issue. And that was when I first realized people really pay you money, if you can help to solve their problem.

Fast forward to today, we had served more than 10,000 customers from 17 countries. In 2020 alone, 1824 different companies engage our service.

We are Singapore Number 1 Selling Autocount and Sage UBS software reseller.

We received multiple business awards along the years.

Last year, we received SME 500 award from Association of Trade and Commerce Singapore for our leadership in our market.

We provide business software consultancy, implementation, training and after sales software support for accounting, inventory, payroll, point of sales, workforce management, Facebook Live backend solution and many more.

Why we say many more, is because we are always on the look out for the next best software solution that can help our customer to

grow their business,

improve their operational efficiency,

increase the life time value of their customers,

help to build a better team,

provide better service,

save cost,

protect their business data,

and many more……  Yes, because there are so many aspect of business that our customers like you, need to take care. We understand your pain !!

And this brings you to our mission.

We strive to bring the most suitable software solution in the market to help to solve our customer’s problem.

A good software solution alone doesn’t mean anything ! It needs to be delivered by a good team !

And this brings you to the most important asset of Ingenious, OUR TEAM !!

Every year, we undergo all kinds of training and team building to upgrade our soft skill and also our hard skill.

Not only we want to stay ahead of our market with the knowledge of our system, we also want to make sure all our team members are HAPPY, and enjoy their work in Ingenious.

Shh, to tell you a secret. Quite a few of them have been with us for more than 10 years. There is one with 16 years and counting !

The end result of a happy team is, we are able to give you our best shot, in terms of good solution and good service.

This is our commitment to you !

Alright, enough about us.

I wanna know about you.


P.s. One solution that we carry helps to build a happy and energize team, feel free to check with us !

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