Empowering start-up and small businesses with complete control over their payroll.

Easily manage your allowances, deductions, overtime and others in a single screen.

Why Access Payroll?

Secured, Trusted and stable

Security of payroll information is critical for every organisation. Access Payroll is a highly trusted solution which allows you to have complete control and visibility over your payroll, and helps ensure your payroll data is secure through User ID and Password Protection. Trust that your payments are safe, secure and controlled by authorisation processes and access rights.

Meet your compliance
requirements without stress

Access Payroll provides a range of government reports and a variety of bank formats supported templates that are readily available, our local development team is keeping an eye on government rules and regulations changes and constantly enhance the solution to helps to satisfy all compliance requirements as you grow your business 

Empowering your employee

Taking care of your employees comes first.
With Access Payroll, you can securely store employee information, efficiently manage holidays and record custom absence types. Our solution streamlines processes and reduces time consuming tasks in managing employee information. It will provide more time to employees to be empowered to deliver greater results.

Payroll made easy, pay your employee straight from the software

Access Payroll allows complete control over your payroll. With an intuitive interface and navigation with logical work-flows, easily manage your allowances, deductions, overtime and others in a single screen.

Have the right documents completed error free, manage and track payments with ease and pay your employees straight from the software.

Create your own work station anywhere anytime

From versatility to flexibility and convenience, Access  mobile license allows users to continue working anywhere, anytime; even when out of the office. Access Mobile license allows you to ‘take’ your license with you and work remotely on any workstation outside the office. In a multi-user environment, other users can still continue to work on the system in the office as their licenses will not be affected at all.

Help and support from the local experts

Even though our payroll software is easy to use, we understand you might need a helping hand every now and then. That’s why Access Payroll is backed by market-leading support, giving you access to our payroll experts by phone or email.

Access Payroll Features

Get paid faster and stay on top of your cash flow It is essential to get your financials right, Access UBS Accounting and Billing helps you to process customer and supplier payments faster, manage your sales orders, purchase orders, good receive notes and delivery notes seamlessly within the software.

With more than 500,000 installations in Malaysia alone, Access Ubs is now a household brand among Small Medium Businesses (SMBs). Many institutions of higher learning prefer Access UBS Accounting & Billing as part of their course as it is simple to use and has comprehensive reports. This provides a continuous availability of fresh and quality accountants for SMEs to expand their business.

Quick Entry

View the total summary for each payroll entry before payroll processing and manage allowances, deductions and overtime in a single screen.

Supported bank formats for your convenience

  • AmBank for Salary & Statutory
  • Public Bank for EPF
  • Maybank for Tax, EPF, SOCSO
  • OCBC Bank for Salary (Singapore)
  • DBS Bank for Salary (Singapore)
  • Other local banks

12 months Figure Update

View and approve changes made by users, increasing accountability and traceability on unauthorised changes, error and problem detection.

Government Reports

  • CPF Submission
  • IRAS submission
  • IR8A submission
  • Foreign Work Levy
  • Skills Development Levy
  • Self-help Group Fund
  • EIS forms
  • SOCSO Borang
  • LHDN reports
  • Income Tax forms
  • KWSP Borang A

Wizard for Setup & Employee

Setup Wizard is made available during the initial setup with a step-by-step guide to set up necessary data in the system. Employee Wizard provide stepby-step guide to enter relevant information required for a new employee.

Report insights

Understanding and managing your company’s resource costings is made easy through summary reports of employee payslips..

Director Fees

Able to be calculated as fixed or variable income via the Personnel File Maintenance setting.

Integration with Access UBS

Intuitive integration with Access UBS or Access 50cloud to manage your payroll in the most efficient way in your business.

Features Matrix

Product Number of employees
Payroll 15 15
Payroll 30 30
Payroll 60 60
Payroll 100 100
System Managment
Number of companies Multi companies
Solution suite Payroll with HRM
Add users Yes
Payroll Managment
Calculate CPF / SDL / FWL Yes
Manage allowances Yes
Manage other deductions Yes
Payroll generation Yes
Simple process task flow Yes
Year-end statutory filing documents Yes
Keeping payroll records Yes
HR admin templates Yes
Staff claims (HRM) Yes
Staff leave (HRM) Yes
Tip/service point Yes


Yes, Access Payroll is Iras latest and CPF latest compliant and it is certified with both statutory entities.

Yes, Access payroll can handle FIXED and VARIABLE allowance and deductions.

Definitely, both print and email in PDF.

By using Access Payroll Leave and Claims module that is included with the purchase of Access Payroll.

Yes, with Access Payroll there is option to run multiple payroll payments with different dates and times.

Yes, Access Payroll has a comprehensive and updated bank formats for Salary file generation.

The standard pre-set setting in Access Payroll is accordance to the basic statutory requirements.

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