Autocount Special Industries – Freight Forwarder

AutoCount Freight is special designed for freight service provider to records freight forwarding data, whether by air or by sea. It is fully integrated into powerful AutoCount Accounting as a plug-Ins. Once login to AutoCount Accounting, you will find Freight menu appears as an integrated application.

Features Summary

  • Easy-to-use Freight Entry
  • Managing Contract of Carriage
  • Unlimited Number of Shipper/Consignee
Save your time
AutoCount Freight saves your time in freight data entry. You can now dedicate your time in providing better freight forwarding service to your customers.

Comprehensive Report
AutoCount Freight listing reports helps you monitor and evaluate your business progress. To get precise and accurate information, you can filter it and select report format which meet your needs and requirement.

Auto Posting
AutoCount Freight is integrated into AutoCount Accounting as plug in. Hence, data in freight entry will auto post to AR and GL instantly.
  • Air Freight
  • Sea Freight
  • MAWB Maintenance
  • Air Freight Item Maintenance
  • Ocean BL Maintenance
  • Sea Freight Item Maintenance
  • Shipper / Consignee Maintenance
Easy-to-use Freight Entry
AutoCount Freight saves your time in processing freight entry. Whether it is air freight or sea freight, you can complete it with necessary information in a single window.
Air Freight entry

Sea Freight entry

Managing Contract of Carriage
AutoCount Freight helps you manage carriage contract at ease. To manage air freight contract, you can go to MAWB Maintenance and OceanBL Maintenance to manage sea freight contract.
MAWB Maintenance

OceanBL Maintenance

Unlimited Number of Shipper/Consignee
You can save unlimited number of shipper and consignee in AutoCount Freight.
Shipper / Consignee Maintenance
Software ComponentsMinimum System Requirements
Host ApplicationAutoCount Accounting
  • If you are managing courier company

Free Try Demo
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