An integrated Accounting Software which is PEPPOL Ready

Grow your business with InvoiceNow — a nationwide E-invoicing method that facilitates the direct transmission of invoices in a structured digital format across finance systems. Operating on the open standard Peppol network, this new standard of invoicing will help both Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Large Enterprises (LEs) enjoy smoother Invoicing, faster payments and a better way to save the environment.


What is InvoiceNow?

InvoiceNow is a form of electronic invoicing that allows you to send invoices digitally across different finance systems.

Unlike traditional invoicing which requires a paper or PDF invoice, the e-invoice is automatically sent to the customer’s accounting system through a secure network.

InvoiceNow can help to shorten your invoicing processing time and help your business get paid quickly without any manual paperwork.

Benefits of


Streamlined Processes

Reduce errors and time spent on manual invoicing.

Faster Payments

Speed up validation across financial systems through unique UENs.


Save the environment with reduced paper waste.


AutoCount is also E-Invoice Ready via PEPPOL Network (initiated by IMDA since 2019). It handles both local & international transactions seamlessly.

You can now enjoy the FREE e-Invoicing module on the first 50 transactions each month and this offer is valid up to 6 months. For subsequent transactions, it is charging at SGD 0.40 each transaction.

*Until 31 December 2021, T&C apply.