Awards Certificates

Top Seller 1st Prize

Dealer Award 2010/11

Top Sales (1st price) - for being the No 1 reseller for Autocount software in terms of software sales for the overall market

Top Seller (International)

Dealer Award 2010/11
Top Sales (International) - as a reseller in Singapore, being the No 1 reseller for the overall Autocount market, naturally we are considered as the No 1 reseller for Autocount's overseas market

100K Achiever

Dealer Award 2010/11
100k Achiever - awarded to reseller who had generated more than $100,000.00 of software license revenue for Auto Count Sdn Bhd.

Excellent Service

Dealer Award 2010/11
Excellent Service Award - being voted by the Auto Count`s technical & support team based on their assessment on our product technical knowledge, customer service response time, good customer service record and etc.

Authorized Dealer

Dealer Award 2010/11

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