We are motivated and inspired every day by how our customers use our software to eliminate manual repetitive work, improve workflow & business effectiveness and efficiency, and stay connected to what is most important to them

We run our business in much the same way, and believe our four core business services give play to its full extent to serve our customers. They are:

- Consultation

including analysis on business requirements, map business process, evaluate process performance & current I.T. capability, recommend overall strategy, software & hardware, propose I.T. architecture, develop implementation plan, etc.

- Maintenance & Support Services

including telephone, fax & email assistance, and on-site support served by a fleet of experienced & friendly customer service officers (I.T. support)

- Training

including on-site and classroom training. Both practical and theory parts are covered in classroom training, which is held in our in-house training room, to cater elementary & intermediate learners' needs

- Customization of Billing Documents

(e.g. purchase order, sales order, delivery order, quotation, invoice, cash sales, receipt, purchase return, debit/credit note, payment voucher, creditor/ debtor statement, etc.) , including making the necessary adjustments based on customers' requirements, i.e. insertion of company logos, amendment on header & footer, font sizes, etc. printed from Sage UBS and Autocount software system

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