Different Types of Accounting Software: Which One Fits Your Business Size?

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May 21, 2018
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Different Types of Accounting Software: Which One Fits Your Business Size?

2 Different Types of Accounting Software: Which One Fits Your Business Size? (2018)

To be successful, or to even know if you’re on a right track you need accounting software. You can be good at numbers and learn how to read, make, and get through knowledge business statements even then it’s hard to keep track of everything. In starting a business, you will need to give thought to amount of exchange of goods, capital, and expenses in the daily operations. As sales flow to your company, you need to record bits of business.


Before coming to a decision about upon which software package to use, it is important to get through knowledge about the different types of accounting software, and which one is best for your business.

The following list makes list of things the general system of ordering of accounting software:

Commercially available softwares/ off the shelf (COTS)

It is the main accounting software used throughout the world. It is quite accommodating to the requirements of a business, gives quality reports that can often be configured to the demands of the user along with that it also contains a lot of layers of error identification to block out the entry of false knowledge or information. There are COTS packages that are specific to related industries, with extra attributes to acknowledge the needs of the markets they want to target. COTS programming may require the administrations of advisors to introduce, and can require a complicated establishment process, and also on location staff to keep up the software. A minor departure from this idea is bookkeeping programming that is accessible as an online administration, which expects clients to sign into the merchant’s website to get to the product.

Most Common used commercial accounting software are:

Sage UBS Software

Sage UBS products are supported by a vast network of over 50 businesses partners and 400 associates across Singapore and Malaysia, providing customers with the quality and choice of services they need. The product also keeps in constant touch with developments both in Singapore and Malaysia and in the global businesses software industry through its parent company, The Sage Group plc.

It’s features consist of:


Complete GST Solution:

Sage UBS has appropriate GST support. Inspected by Tax Consultants and affirmed by the Royal Malaysian Customs.

Even more Integrated

Individuals are working together to create the most extreme yield and accepting this open door, the 2015 form presents energizing and reviving changes that incorporates  different items to give a total view and control.


Consistent Upgrade

After examining the expectations with a great deal of clients on what they wished to see with the move up to GST and upgrades. Find out about what it means and that it is so natural to update from what you have now to Sage UBS.

Dispatch into the Internet

Indeed, numerous don’t trust it yet Sage UBS can even go onto the Internet to convey basic data to you. Discover how simple it is and what energizing data you can get from Sage Connect. Takes a shot at all programs and up in minutes!


It has multiple language capabilities that consist of English, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and Thai language. Able to operate accounting entries up to 18 months of accounting period. UBS Accounting is suitable for most companies and businesses such as: –

  •         Trading Companies
  •         Contractors
  •         Non-Profit Organizations
  •         Training Institutions
  •          Retailers
  •          Restaurants
  •          Wholesales
  •          Accounting Firms
  •          Manufacturing Companies
  •          Co-operative Society



AutoCount Software

Auto Count Accounting is composed systemtically and reliably. You can do a lot without much problem through efficient menu system. AutoCount Accounting has finish capacity of Accounting, Stock and Invoicing. You can do bookkeeping, check stock things and make new deals invoices.


It’s features include: 

AR and AP Contra

It is anything but difficult to perform contra exchange in AutoCount Accounting. When indebted person and loan boss had chosen, you just need to tick on the knock off segment to finish exchange.


Record Transfer


In AutoCount Accounting, you don’t need to enter information more than once. It supports full and halfway report exchange. You can create new receipt or money deal from existing transportation arrangements, deals request or stock. By choosing fractional exchange alternative, you can alter exchanged record.


Handle Returned Check


It just finds a way to deal with returned check in AutoCount Accounting. You just need to choose installment from AR Receive Payment, feature it and tick on RCHQ segment to finish exchange.


Handle Full and Partial Payment


AutoCount Accounting gives a simple method to record client installment. When indebted person had chosen, it will demonstrate rundown of past business exchanges. You can knock off bill and enter installment, regardless of whether it is full or halfway installment


Undertaking/Departmental Accounting

AutoCount Accounting Project/Departmental Accounting are appropriate for organizations with various undertakings/offices. You can print out Profit and Loss Statement and other monetary reports for various ventures/divisions


Products and Service Tax (GST)

AutoCount Accounting is GST-consistent framework. You can record GST for supply and buy of products and ventures. It can deliver rundown and point by point GST Transaction Listing report which is prepared to submit to government.



In AutoCount Accounting, you can make outside money borrower accounts, foreign cash leaser accounts and foreign money ledgers. When receipt installment knock-off, the framework will programmed figure the acknowledged pick up/misfortune and post it to G/L. Its work in Foreign Currency Revaluation work encourages you revalue outstanding invoices.


Sharing Across Application

In AutoCount Accounting, you can share business information crosswise over other application, regardless of whether it is import from other application or fare to other application. With only a tick away, you can email reports in a split second.

Export Report

With report trade highlights, you can see your reports in PDF, Text, CST, MHT, Excel, Rich Text, Graphic configuration.




To know if you’re on a right track you need accounting software. As sales flow to your company, you need to record every bit of business even if it’s running successfully

It is important to know which software works best for your business and also the features of different accounting software available.  



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