Sage UBS Assets Register

Joining the suite of Sage UBS total business solutions is the UBS Assets Register Software. Sage UBS Assets Register provides you with the tool to optimize your asset utilization. It helps track, monitor and manage all your assets and reduce your asset maintenance cost.

License : EvaluationSize : 15 MBOS : 9x/ME/2K/XP

Sage UBS Asset Register Overview

It performs the functions of Assets Register for an organization namely;
  • Collating the new assets acquired information
  • Maintain the organization assets historical records
  • Compute the depreciation of assets
  • Determine the gain or loss on disposal of assets


Basic Features Include : -
  • A software that is able to aid the management of Assets in an organization
  • Multiple company function
  • Numerous levels of security control
  • Various depreciation methods apply
  • Flexible asset life or rate computation
  • Effortless to computation on gain/loss of Fixed Assets
  • Assets detail listing
  • Supplier's, employee's, department and custodian details listing
  • Historical assets listing
  • Depreciation schedule can be in monthly or yearly
  • Multi payment code
  • Auto calculate gain/loss of disposal value
  • Assets can be transferred by location, department, project and etc
  • Easy way of assets duplication or revaluation
  • Security Maintenance
  • Multi currency maintenance
  • Insurance maintenance
  • Integrated with UBS Accounting System


  • A single point of control on all assets
  • Accurate record of all assets you have
  • Facilitates assets planning
  • Comprehensive assets tracking and reporting.


  • Assets listing report
  • Depreciation summary by assets
  • Report wizard
  • Assets movement summary report
  • Fixed assets disposal report
  • Asset addition report
  • Revaluation report
  • Historical listing report
  • Pentium II 266 MHz or higher
  • 128 MB memory or more
  • 800 MB or more disk space
  • 1 floppy disk drive
  • 1 CD Rom Drive
  • Windows 7
  • Mouse
  • Printer

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