Ingenious is a boring company

They say its kind of boring if you stay in one company for too long, and that’s what happened in Ingenious.

Staff Years of Service (YOS) Listing
DepartmentShortest YOSLongest YOSAverage YOS
Sales8 years20 years14 years 4 months
Technical2 years 7 months16 years 4 months7 years 8 months
Admin & Finance6 years 6 months11 years 5 months8 years 4 months
ALL9 years 6 months

The above listing shows the average number of years our colleagues from different departments have been working in Ingenious, as of today, Sept 2021.

We know it is kind of boring to go to the same office, facing the same colleagues for so long. But what drives us to continue this routine,

is the satisfaction of helping our customers, and the sense of calm and assurance felt by our customers, knowing that we will always be there for you.

Good people, good software.

Think of business software, think of Ingenious.

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